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Water's EdgeNestled in a bowl of mountaintops under soaring Douglas fir by the water’s edge in Kaleden BC you’ll discover what traveling people have found here for millennia, a calm and soothing place to relax, rejuvenate and rediscover themselves.

Against a backdrop of gently rolling South Okanagan hills, grass and sage scent the air and soothe the soul. New flowers bloom almost daily and beckon the hiker or walker to stop and take it in with a moment’s pause or a photograph for a permanent memory.

Species of birds will twitter and tweet messages to you all day long. (there’s no cell phone service or High Speed Internet or television, just regular Internet and phone) We believe the TV will lie to you all night long, the bonfire never will. We bonfire.

Clear blue skies in the day make way for clear dark skies at night presenting an unimaginable skyscape which rivals some of the darkest viewing spots on Earth.

We offer a place where people with different abilities and disabilities can realize and achieve their goals and objectives in a setting which is positively reinforcing by its very nature. Towering trees provide sheltering shade in the Okanagan heat, and generate sounds that the soul can connect to as the winds whistle through branches.

Easy or moderate walks around the grounds get your muscles and breathing to work. Tens of thousands of acres of Crown Land are accessible within ten minutes drive for biking, hiking, chasing cows, four-wheeling if desired, screaming and yelling.
Simple accommodations are the hallmark of our Sanctuary. We want you outdoors.

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